Friday, October 18, 2013

God > King

Rap God

“Why be a king when you could be a God?” For real though, right? When Slim Shady’s latest single “Rap God” begins, fans are thinking, “uh oh, not this Eminem again!” By song’s end, they are quickly bowing down at the feet of the newly self-proclaimed God of rap. Eminem literally brings just about every single possible flow to the table with this six-minute, essentially hook-less lyrical destruction. His technical excellence matches his lyrical intelligence on this one, as it appears he was truly motivated when it came to penning this one. With Marshall Mathers LP 2 rapidly on the way, is it safe to say that Eminem is back? I believe it is safer to say that this new approach from Eminem is once again different than before, but quite possibly the best we have gotten from him since MMLP (1).

What are your thoughts on the new GOD of hip-hop?

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